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Pet Cold Laser Therapy

Light is used during a non-invasive procedure called cold laser therapy to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. A laser with multiple wavelengths that promotes tissue healing, as opposed to a surgical laser, does not cut tissue. Even during acupuncture, a laser might be used instead of needles.

Pet Cold Laser Therapy in Canton, IL

To determine whether your pet is a good candidate for laser therapy, we will first assess their need for pain management.

In a modern veterinary clinic, a thoroughbred cat is examined and treated on the table. veterinary clinic.

Pet Cold Laser Therapy

The cold laser promotes cell growth through photochemical, rather than thermal, light therapy. Through the reduction of inflammation caused by the stimulation of cell growth, pain is reduced, wounds heal quickly, and tissue is repaired. Your pet will receive non-invasive care during this process.

Laser therapy can help almost any disease process that involves inflammation. Musculoskeletal disorders and injuries are among the most typical conditions for which laser therapy is used in veterinary medicine. The laser works well to improve the function of muscles that have been strained due to arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other injuries, as well as to speed up the healing of injured muscles. Laser therapy is beneficial for dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery because it reduces inflammation and pain while boosting circulation. Wounds and incisions heal more quickly when treated with the laser.

The veterinary care for your pet can easily include low-level laser therapy. Even the most frightened animal can be treated with ease because the procedure is quick and painless. In fact, after just a few minutes of treatment, many animals feel more at ease.

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