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Pet Surgical Laser

The Oakdale Veterinary Center performs a variety of surgical procedures using the surgical laser. There are many advantages to using the laser to cauterize as opposed to cutting. These include less pain, less swelling after surgery, less bleeding, and less damage to the surrounding tissue (which results in a quicker healing time).

Pet Surgical Laser in Canton, IL

The CO2 Laser, the most recent in surgical technology, is something that Oakdale Veterinary Center is happy to offer to our patients. There are many advantages to laser surgery.

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Pet Surgical Laser

The laser is frequently used to create incisions and remove unhealthy tissue because of its unique capacity to vaporize tissue. We can only pick out a few cells at a time because it is so precise. The laser seals nerve endings and kills bacteria in its path, making patients more comfortable after surgery and hastening recovery time because less tissue trauma is caused.

The laser makes the surgery safer while also reducing pain, bleeding, and healing time. For all procedures, traditional scalpel surgery is also an option.

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