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Your pet is unable to communicate physical problems to you. From an evolutionary perspective, it is actually normal for an animal to conceal symptoms because they reveal a weakness to other animals. You can treat your pet with preventative care to make sure they are free of parasites, cavities, and other ailments when you bring them in for their wellness examination.

Pet Wellness Exams in Canton, IL

A physical examination involves checking your pet’s ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, skin, limbs, and joints externally to make sure they do not appear abnormal. Additional tests might be suggested if an anomaly is found in order to better diagnose and treat your pet.

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Pet Wellness Exams

Comparable to a human physical, a pet’s comprehensive examination is known as a “snout to tail” examination. We first talk with you about your pet’s past while getting to know and reassuring your pet (we have peanut butter and cheese!). As we talk about your pet’s past, we’ll start taking their vital signs and gathering other data to check for any problems and establish a baseline for what is typical for your furry friend.

The weight of your pet will be noted, and his various body systems will be examined to look for any anomalies. Toward the end of the examination, if a blood test, vaccination, or other procedure is required, it will be carried out. Once all of your questions have been answered, and everything seems to be in order, your pet’s appointment is over. If there are anomalies, we might need to request additional testing to determine the cause. Before proceeding, you and the doctor will talk about any necessary treatment options and come to a decision together.

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